What is Meditation

What is meditation?

Despite all its popularity, today most of us do not understand the true meaning of meditation and what practicing it means. Many regard meditation as a form of concentration on something, some consider meditation is being guided on an inner journey. All these methods meet one goal, which is to slow down and become relaxed. Meditating on the breath or being guided can be very beneficial, however it is not permanent. Meditation brings the mind and body to a temporary state of peace. It builds a mind that is strong and stable and prepared to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a state of pure awareness. It is being fully aware of the state of the mind, body and emotions. It is accepting whatever is arising in this precise moment. As awareness is practiced subtle changes begin to appear in ones life.

Authentic mindfulness allows one to be fully present in the moment rather than living in the past or worrying or anxious about the future. When mindfulness is practiced regularly peace is adapted as one’s nature rather than just a ‘nice feeling’ that lingers for a few hours after focusing on the breath.